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Christmas Tea Towels

These towels are up and ready to order from my shop…just in time for holiday cooking and hostess gifts. The images are printed on 100% made-in-America flour sack towels and will not fade with laundering. Wishing you all happy and blessed holidays!

my part

The seasons changed overnight. Fall is in the air. The change stirs excitement and hope in my heart. The sun made long shadows across the road turning it into a giant harp. My feet plucked the strings as I walked (even skipped!) across them joining in the symphony of the universe. O, Lord, help me [...]

rocks; painted and otherwise

I love rocks. I have found painting on them to be therapuetic. It’s a quiet, tedious past-time and sometimes, just what the doctor ordered.             I’ve also done this with rocks. I used terra cotta clay and majolica glaze. Equally therapuetic. I love rocks.

mr and mrs

Cardinals are one of the bright spots of summer and winter for us. More than other birds, they seem to always be in pairs, together, at the feeder, in a tree or on the fence. I discovered a nest with three eggs in a small tree in the creek-bed. When I checked later, only one baby bird survived. I like [...]

mary gregory studio at the pecan street festival in austin

I will be here, The Pecan Street Festival (now known as 6th St), in Austin Tx this weekend, May 4th and 5th. I’ve never been before, as either a shopper or vendor, but it’s Austin, for Pete’s sake, the weather is expected to be lovely, live music, good food…how could it be anything but fun! Admission is free…come [...]

my road

I am not athletic. At all. But I know the value (priceless) of exercise. I love to be outside so my very favorite forms of exercise are walking, riding my bike and swimming. It delights my soul beyond words to be out on this road, or taking a detour through the pasture, seeing and hearing God’s [...]

reclaimed wood shadow box prints

New product! We are all the time dreaming up new ways to frame and display my art. I’m pretty lucky because whatever I dream up, my husband can build. He comes up with some really good ideas, too. I think this one was his. He makes these frames out of old wood that is headed [...]


This was a fun painting session with my friend, Roxanne. She had painted a feather that I really liked, we went for a walk and found a blue jay feather, so it was decided…we’d paint three different feathers. The first one took most of our time so we set a timer for the other two. It was [...]

High Cotton Art Camp!

My friend, Roxanne, and I are planning a one-day workshop at her lovely home in Temple, Texas. I am leaving for Atlanta in the morning and am in my usual rush, so I’ve copied and pasted the details below from her blog. There are cute pictures on her post, but I couldn’t get them to show up here, so…just [...]

painted painted bunting

Since this bird I painted is called a painted bunting, the blog post title seems right. These birds live in our area from April through August and never cease to amaze us with their brilliant colors and pretty song. We have at least two pairs coming to the feeder this year and I take lots of pictures, but since I [...]

pretty moment

You know how some things are so pretty, they stop you in your tracks? That happens to me a lot.

gift wrap

When you live 30 miles from everywhere, you learn to use what you’ve got. I had an emergency gift-wrapping situation and not much time to come up with something special. Small kraft envelopes, burlap, my tiny prints on twill, and twine were laying around from other projects and just fit the bill. You could achieve the same [...]