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This course contains lessons for three different landscapes. You'll learn to paint the ground and sky and also the mood and tone. We'll use a limited palette of acrylic paints and work in layers. This technique is fun and worry-free since it dries quickly and each layer builds upon the last. The lessons are suitable for beginners and experienced painters alike.

In working on this course, my thoughts, as always, turned to the spiritual. In studying and contemplating the landscape surrounding me, the one I see with my eyes, I looked inward as well. Jesus promises us the possibility of an inner landscape of peace regardless of the tumultuous nature of our outer circumstances. So, while this course is first and foremost geared toward painting the landscape, my hope is that, as you gain skill and confidence in your work, you'll find joy and peace in your inner landscape.

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Learning to see beauty and magnificence in the tiniest things is one of life’s greatest joys-- painting them is a way of interacting with them and their Creator. Using layers of acrylic paint, we’ll make our own rendering of these small treasures. 

This course is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced artists. I’ll provide easy, step-by-step instruction and will help you approach the canvas without fear and to enjoy the process. As always, the goal is to boost your confidence so that you will continue painting, allowing your unique style to emerge.

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