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gift wrap

When you live 30 miles from everywhere, you learn to use what you’ve got. I had an emergency gift-wrapping situation and not much time to come up with something special. Small kraft envelopes, burlap, my tiny prints on twill, and twine were laying around from other projects and just fit the bill. You could achieve the same [...]

>lala’s toms

> My great aunt, Lala, just celebrated her 97th birthday and this is what I gave her. She loved my painted toms and dropped a hint by making sure I knew her shoe size. She loves birds and the color yellow, so this goldfinch on the ash grey toms is perfect. I wish I could [...]

>karen’s toms

> I can’t remember why, but I’m sure there is a good reason that the only pictures I got of these were taken in my car with my phone. What in the world?!

>more toms

>hannah’s toms Hannah’s mom ordered these for her for Christmas. What a great idea! taylor’s toms Taylor requested a doodle look for her toms with some specific elements…hearts, peace signs, and palm trees, etc – she lives on the coast. These were fun, though time-consuming. We’re freezing here and, although I love my Uggs, I [...]

>blake’s toms

> Another pair of TOMS. These were for a teenage girl who loves music and these colors. I’m so thankful for my girls who are always available to advise me on younger, hipper looks than I would be able to come up with. Thanks, Lily!

>dana’s toms

> Dana and I were friends in Dimmitt Elementary School. We haven’t seen each other since those grade school days because she moved away. Now, we’re facebook friends and she saw the Toms I posted there. She, who must be a really fun shoe-person, immediately ordered some and had them shipped to me. She gave [...]

>more toms

> I am having fun with Toms! And, I especially love the fact that a child gets a pair every time I buy a pair.


> My friend’s daughter, Meredith, wore white Toms in her wedding. She asked me to paint on them and here they are. This was a fun project and I’m going to buy myself a pair today. The hard part will be deciding what to paint on them. If you don’t know about Toms, click on [...]