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Where Have I Been?




Where haven’t I been, is a better question. At least it feels like I’ve been around the world and back. I can barely manage to get where I’m supposed to be and do what I’m supposed to do, much less write about it here. The truth is, I love writing and blogging, but the more urgent to-do’s push this pleasant task to the very back of the back burner.

In a nutshell, David and I are traveling to shows several months of the year. For this home-loving girl, it’s a stretch, but I’ve come to grips with what’s required in this season of life and, as usual, a thankful heart makes everything good. I am truly grateful for the opportunities to meet the wonderfully sweet and kind people whose paths we cross and to see our beautiful country. It wouldn’t happen otherwise and I realize what I’d have missed if I’d said “no”. An adventurous new friend (one I would never have met if not for a show) told me the secret to a full and interesting life was to always say “yes”. It is a stretch for cautious types like me, but I can see now that life is lived more fully with an open mind and heart to the things God is suggesting. He’s so nice about it even when I’m obstinate.

When we’re home, life is busy unpacking, unloading, making things for the next show, packing, loading. We love our family and squeeze as much time in with them as we can. We’ve taken on a new project that is filling up our summer: we purchased the property next door from our wonderful neighbors who made the decision to move to town. We’d rather have them here, but are excited about the opportunity to put their beautiful place to use. We are converting the barn to a studio and the house will serve as guest lodging for workshops. David is doing much of the work himself and has astonished me with what he’s capable of. I’ve always known he could do anything, but he continues to surprise me by bringing into reality everything I dream up. The photo shows where we are in the process now. As you can see, the barn/studio is a wonderful space with an expansive view. I’m posting progress reports on Instagram and would love to have you follow me there. It’s a faster, more mobile way for me to keep in touch and let you know what’s going on. I’ll be sure to update the website when we have dates and details regarding workshops. We should be in full-swing in the spring.  I am beyond excited about it all and am looking forward to sharing it with you, here and in real life.

In the meantime, I hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows. We’ll be at the Country Living Fair Columbus OH and Arbor Int’l Antique and Interior Design show in Round Top TX, Zapp Hall in Warrenton TX in September, City Farmhouse show in Leiper’s Fork TN and Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain GA in October, and Vintage Market Days in Houston and McKinney in November.

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