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>the gang


>I believe it’s time to introduce the animals. We’ll start with Bonnie aka My Birthday Present. She is a Yorkie, a big Yorkie. We’re glad, though, because she needs to be sturdy. After all, she’s not living the fu-fu life – she’s a country dog and in charge of everything and everybody. One of her favorite places to take a nap is under my bed with her face peeking out from under the bedskirt. I think she knows how pretty she looks there. But, don’t let looks deceive you; she can be pretty and sweet, but mostly she’s rough and tough. A terrier through and through.

Next, but really first, is Maggie. She is definitely head dog at 14 years old. She’s a Springer spaniel and as sweet and loyal as a dog can be. Stroking her head is like running your hand over the softest velvet imaginable. She’s having a hard time getting around these days; her back legs don’t work very well and she can hardly see or hear. She has no duties, just enjoying her twilight years and “mothering” any kitties that come along. Dooley is in this picture with her. Can you tell where one ends and the other begins?

My youngest daughter found Dooley in the street, almost dead, and brought him home in a box. He was tiny and could hardly lift his head. I nursed him back to health and then Maggie took over. Then, we all got ringworms, but that is another story. A very funny one, by the way. Oh, and Dooley has 6 toes on each front paw.

Here’s Minnie Mae. She is head cat at 15 years old. She has no patience for the other cats (that’s putting it nicely – she hates them!) I always wanted a Calico cat and we found her at the lake. She was wild as could be, but I caught her with some turkey lunch meat and she’s been with us ever since. I am sure she has no regrets!

This is Raggs. He appeared in our backyard as a teeny, tiny kitten and was raised by Maggie. He hardly lets us touch him, but he’s cute and sweet – and huge. He’s a great, big baby and still sleeps with Maggie. We haven’t seen him in a while, though, and I fear the worst.

And, Jack. Black Jack is how he started out. Then, he went to live with my future son-in-law and became Black Jack Brown. Now, he’s back with us. But, he’s still Black Jack Brown because I like it that way. We found him at the lake, too. He was smart enough to endear himself to my husband which guaranteed him a new home. He is one of the most affectionate cats we’ve ever had. He’s big and feels like mink. We love him. Even after the night he spent locked up in my car. Need I say more?

I have to include Rocket. He belongs to my daughter and son-in-law, but is part of the gang while they are in school and living with us, but looking for a little house to buy or rent. He is a Cairn terrier and looks like a little wolf. He is a good, funny boy and we will miss him when he moves.

So, that’s the gang. They are so much fun – and so much trouble!

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