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My blog friend, Flower, knows how much I envy her her woods and moss; something they have a lot of in Oregon and we have none of in West Texas. So she sent me a box full of it! As I opened it, the sweet, moist smell of earth and forest filled the room and I was transported. I’ve made a terrarium, something I used to do as a long time ago, and I hope it will last in this moist, humid environment. The white violets and johnny-jump-ups were blooming when it first arrived. They are thriving, so maybe they will bloom again. I doesn’t matter, though. The joy of having this little world on my table, lifting the lid for a whiff of one of my favorite smells is plenty good enough for me. Thank you, Flower, and thank you God, for the beauty of your earth down to the tiniest detail, even the ground beneath our feet.

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