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>my "new" house



After an outdoor painting session, Roxanne and I headed into my house for something to drink and I mentioned to her my dissatisfation with my furniture arrangement. I have one of those large, open spaces that I just couldn’t get to “feel” right. Well…that’s all it took for Roxanne’s creative juices to start percolating. The more she looked and talked, the more excited we both got. She came out the next day and spent the entire day gathering and rearranging my things. We didn’t buy a thing, just used what I had plus a couple of branches that we went down the road and cut. It was so much fun! Being with Roxanne when she is in creative mode, which is all the time, is like being at Six Flags. It’s a thrill. And, I love how my house feels now. I’m enjoying all the things I’ve collected over the years in a whole new way. Thank you, Roxanne! There is more to show you and I’ll post more pictures soon.

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