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Since I don’t have any artwork to show you right now, I’ll tell you about Ladybird. We live about 3o miles out in the country and as I was driving home late one night last fall, I could vaguely see something in the road ahead. I slowed down and as I passed by, two big, brown eyes looked right at me through the car window. I pulled over and got out, but couldn’t see anything. Before I knew it, this big Bassett hound had jumped into the driver’s seat of my car and wouldn’t budge. I tried to get her out to put her in the back seat, but she was NOT getting out. She was very upset…crying! There were no houses nearby and it was too late to knock on doors anyway, so I shoved (heaved) her over to the passenger seat and did what I always do…..I took her home. The next day, I ran an ad in the paper, but no one ever called to claim her. It was pretty obvious that she had been dumped, not an uncommon thing out here, sadly.

I really was not looking for another dog to keep at this time – we had plenty of pets already. So, I had her spayed and began looking for a good home for her. Months went by with no takers. Everyday, we got more and more attached, of course. She was a good dog from the start, except for being terribly distraught, but soon became one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. I can’t imagine life without her…she is so funny just to look at and makes us laugh with her comical ways.

She’s a good watch dog…

for about 10 minutes at a time.

She helps with chores…

Plays well with others…

But, this is mostly what she does….my kind of dog!

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