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Flights of Fancy - Set of Three
Butterfly - MTA (Morpho Theseus Amphotrion)Butterfly - LL (Limenitis Lorquini)Butterfly - Monarch (Danaus Plexippus)

Flights of Fancy Framed Prints

From: $54.00

Exclusively for Country Living Magazine’s General Store, these giclée canvas prints of Mary’s original oil paintings are stretched onto the back of a 2″ deep frame handcrafted from 100% reclaimed wood.
Made in USA. May be purchased individually or as a set of three. Every purchase will include a packet of milkweed seeds*.

*We spend as much time as we can on our front porch with iced tea and binoculars. We’re on the monarch’s flight path during their phenomenal migration and they rest, by the hundreds, in our creek-bed. They are against tremendous odds in the best of times, but now milkweed, the monarch’s main food source, is being wiped out by the use of herbacides. If everyone who cares about this issue will plant milkweed in their gardens, it will attract many types of butterflies and hopefully reverse the monarch’s decline.

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