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>first harvest

Sunday, May 4, 2008


My youngest daughter is quite a gardener. What started long ago, as a toddler hunting for ready-radishes like Easter eggs in Grandad’s garden and helping Grampy with his tomatoes, has become what appears to be a life-long passion. She has a large garden at our house and we enjoy the fruits of her labor. Actually, since she is in college, we are enjoying the labor! Really. We thought we were ‘tending it for her, but find ourselves out there watering in the evenings and enjoying it very much. She told us, this weekend, not to refer to it as HER garden anymore. She thinks we’ve put in enough time to claim joint ownership. That makes me a little sad. Someday, it will be all ours. No – I think we will keep calling it Anna’s Garden…and smile…and water…and weed.

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