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Mary Gregory


About the artist

Like most artists, I have painted all of my life. After my two daughters were grown, the time was right to seriously pursue my artistic dreams. Oils quickly became the medium of choice and were perfect for capturing elements from nature and scenes from my country home. I take great delight in the natural world – from a butterfly wing to a vast landscape and everything in between – and enjoy painting as a way of interacting  with these things and their Creator. We live in a beautiful world and much of it, especially the small things, go unnoticed. It is my joy to point out those things.

About the business

Because of my interest in design and business, in 2010, I began developing a line of products featuring my artwork. My youngest daughter, Anna, came on board to help launch and manage many aspects of the growing company and my husband, David, is in charge of much of the production. Inspired by fresh air and farm life, we are busy making artful goods.

About the products

All of our products are made in the USA, much of them on our own farm. We take great care to make each item the best it can be and hope that it will be a joy for you to live with.