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new art…and rain!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

This has been a happy week for me…I’m finally squeezing in some time in the studio! Above, A Pair…

Doodle Doo…


This is a nice, rainy day to be inside blogging, etc. The creek that winds around our house is dry 99% of the time, but after two days and 2″ of rain, it is flowing and babbling. Oh, how I wish it were always like this! It is all the sweeter, though, because of the rarity.



3 Responses to new art…and rain!

Roxanne Spradlin | 02/19/2012 at 9:28 am

Oh, Mary! So thankful for photos and our blogs that the miles between us. I love your newest art! So fresh and your booth in Atlanta looked delicious! I know retailers must be grateful to offer your ‘tangy spread of artful goods’ to the customers.

Julene | 02/20/2012 at 10:09 am

Hi Mary, I hadn’t checked my blog for the longest time and this morning found your sweet note! When we get settled I will pick back up on blogging and appreciate it all the more.
Your beautiful artwork is thrilling to see all hung together in the Atlanta booth….colorful and delicious! Love the “Pair and Doodle Doo!”

Jennifer | 09/16/2013 at 9:52 pm

Hello Mary, My husband and I met your lovely husband at the Country Living Fair in Columbus this past weekend. We both love your art work and purchased a few items. Your paintings really speak to us. We enjoyed your booth and your high school sweetheart is clearly proud of you and your talents (Great salesman) Glad I found your blog.

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