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my road

Monday, April 29, 2013

I am not athletic. At all. But I know the value (priceless) of exercise. I love to be outside so my very favorite forms of exercise are walking, riding my bike and swimming. It delights my soul beyond words to be out on this road, or taking a detour through the pasture, seeing and hearing God’s glory at every turn. The road is hilly and long – it’s about 4.5 miles to the hwy and back. I walk as fast as I can and run some. I push myself to stay on my bike and not get off to walk it up the hills. I come home tired, but in a very good mood and I sleep well at night. I can tell you that without exercise the opposite is true: bad mood, anxiety and bad sleep. Exercise is good medicine!

bike on road  This may not look like much of a hill, but it is! And, it’s l o n g . There are days I don’t feel like trying to make it to the top, but these are the days that, when I do, I feel like I can do anything! shoes  













I do a lot of stopping along the way to admire the scenery and the little things…orange flowers to match my shoes!

I’ve learned what it takes, for me, to function and do the work I need to do: exercise, eating healthy and juicing, very little sugar, water, some supplements, and sleep. I guess I’m pretty high maintenance, but I lived a lot of years without heeding what my body was telling me and it is so worth the effort. So…get outside and get moving :)  



reclaimed wood shadow box prints

6in reclaimed wood shadow box

New product! We are all the time dreaming up new ways to frame and display my art. I’m pretty lucky because whatever I dream up, my husband can build. He comes up with some really good ideas, too. I think this one was his. He makes these frames out of old wood that is headed for the landfill. The images are printed on natural canvas and the combination, I think, is great! We sell them individually for $25 each or in sets (because they look so good in a group). You get to pick your favorites : 3-8 $23 each, 9 or more $21 each. These aren’t on the site yet, so email me if you’re interested. Any image you see on the site is available in this format.

{Sorry about the bad lighting/photograph. This was taken at a show and snapped with my phone. Very handy, but not very good.}

Outer Dimensions: 7.5 inches.